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 Honda Acura
Jon Ikeda takes the reins at Acura, Mike Accavitti departs
Honda Introduces the Highest Tech Accord Yet in High Tech’s U.S. Hub—Silicon Valley
Acura to Infuse its Presence Throughout the 2015 Monterey Automotive Week
Acura takes a pair of production NSXs across the USA on public roads #AcuraNSXOnTour
2016 Accord model codes listed
Honda and Acura trucks post record June sales, beating the previous best by more than 3,500 units
Honda releases pricing for 2016 Fit. Starting at $15,790, prices increase by $140
Honda previews new BR-V, a 3-row 7-passenger, 1.5L CUV for Asian market
General Talk --> Re: The new GT 350R Rocks!
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General Talk --> Re: Acura Works to Enhance Customer Experience
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Autonews: 1.5T coming to Accord/CRV
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Accord --> Re: Turbos?! :-(
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Maserati CEO: embraces alternative-energy technologies; FCEV is the Future
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Hacked Jeep in Ditch Sends Warning to German Luxury-Car Trio
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CR-V --> Re: 2012 CR-V Bluetooth Whine/Buzz
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General Talk --> Re: Toyota V6 developments
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General Talk --> Re: 2005 CRV unintentional airbag deployment
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NSX --> Re: First Production NSX out and about
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Honda Profit up 20%
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: PG&E Trialling a delayed charge program for BEVs, paying $1000 to i3 owners to join
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CR-Z --> Re: Hi Jeff!
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Civic --> Re: UK still fond of Bagpuss(-R) !
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Consumer Reports gives HR-V a poor review
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TOV Video: 2016 Honda Pilot walkaround with Marc Ernst
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TOV Video: 2016 Honda Pilot First Drive
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2016 Honda Pilot PR Photo Gallery
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2016 Honda HR-V PR Photo Gallery
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TOV Photo Gallery: 2015 New York Auto Show
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Honda S660 PR Photo Gallery
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The Tire Rack: Wheels and Tires Forum
Tire Rack experts are onhand to answer your questions about Wheel and Tire choices for your car.
5277 06-09-2015 16:12 by gofast182
Re: TLX V6 Tires, Eagle v....
The Tire Rack: Brakes and Suspension Forum
Tire Rack experts are onhand to answer your questions about Brake and Suspension components.
1388 04-06-2015 12:13 by chhan02
Re: Brake pads for a 1997 ...
TOV Dealer Network Posts Last Post
Sales Experiences
A place to discuss positive and negative sales experiences with Honda and Acura dealers. Special offers to TOV members may only be announced in the new
1483 07-28-2015 11:35 by longhorn
Re: Contacting the fleet m...
Service Experiences
A place to discuss positive and negative service experiences with Honda and Acura dealers. Special offers to TOV members may only be announced in the new
322 04-28-2014 16:05 by DCR
Re: Very strange question ...
Sale Specials and Want To Buy
Special Deals for New and Used Vehicles may be posted here. Deals with prices that exceed MSRP are NOT Permitted. All details must be spelled out for ea...
2096 07-25-2015 19:30 by blackstripe77
Re: WTB: New/Almost New Fi...
General Information Posts Last Post
Today's Reading Links
Post links to news items, articles or other items of interest here. Discussions regarding the links are welcome, but please do not start a new topic without a l...
57779 08-01-2015 00:40 by owequitit
Re: Autonews: 1.5T coming ...
Political Lounge
Enter at your own risk. This is the only TOV forum where political debates are allowed. Remember, personal attacks will *NOT* be tolerated.
7539 07-18-2015 19:19 by maryrcastro25
Buy Passport ,Visa,Driving...
TOV Lifestyle Posts Last Post
Driving Simulators
Discuss your favorite driving simulators here - Gran Turismo4, Forza, etc...
1101 11-22-2014 20:43 by FiSH-Chan
Honda Power Equipment
Don't you just love your new HRX mower and Honda generator? Tell us all about it!
160 01-03-2014 17:13 by DCR
Re: Honda Snow Blower
TOV Website Posts Last Post
Website Announcements & Feedback
See here for new site announcements and to give us feedback on the site. There are still many features we are planning to implement. Please send us your bug repo...
1507 07-18-2015 19:27 by maryrcastro25
Buy Passport ,Visa,Driving...
Test Postings Go Here
Test your message postings and replies here. However, use the Website Feedback forum to tell us about any issues you find.
747 07-18-2015 19:20 by maryrcastro25
Buy Passport ,Visa,Driving...
All Honda/Acura Posts Last Post
General Talk
Talk about the Honda and Acura marque in general. Other car talk is welcomed here too. We will add more specific forums as necessary.
89991 08-01-2015 00:52 by owequitit
Re: The new GT 350R Rocks!...
Strictly Technical
Discuss the technical aspects and theories behind engines, drivetrain, chassis, etc..
12550 07-27-2015 18:49 by KaizenDo
Re: Honda VTEC Turbo -> No...
Professional Motorsports
Discuss Honda/Acura race cars participating in professional motorsports including: Formula 1, IRL, World Challenge, Grand-Am Cup, Touring Car, NASA Pro, Honda Ch...
40238 07-31-2015 08:34 by Dren
Re: Honda F1 PU video note...
Amateur Racing & Driving
Discuss Honda/Acura cars involved in Amateur events such as Autocrossing, Track Events, Drivers Schools, Drag Racing, etc..
1569 05-14-2015 22:45 by white06si
Re: How to get started??
Appearance & Detailing
Talk about taking care of the exterior and interior of your car here.
2594 06-12-2015 12:33 by blackstripe77
Re: Meguiar's Black Wax
Repair and Maintenance
Help and be helped on all manners of repairs and maintenance for your Honda/Acura cars and trucks. Post TSB information, repair tips, common problems, etc. here....
9876 04-25-2015 14:04 by Drake_Duncan
Help with some OBDII readi...
Audio & Electronics
Talk about audio and other electronics installations here.
3531 07-30-2015 21:18 by cksi1372
Re: 2012 CR-V Bluetooth Wh...
Classifieds: Buy & Sell
Post your Honda/Acura items for sale and to buy here. No commercial posts please. Please be very careful in your transactions. Consider using some sort of 3rd p...
5406 07-13-2015 15:41 by bodid
Set of Michelin PSS tires ...
Hot Deals
Have you found a good deal for your car or parts for it? Post them here. No commercial posts please.
251 01-19-2014 15:06 by incubus
Re: .. Chromecast for $29....
Meets and Events
Plan meets and events with your fellow Honda/Acura enthusiasts here.
1287 12-23-2014 15:52 by cksi1372
TOV Asia
Discuss Honda car models available only outside the North American market.
6167 07-25-2015 17:05 by urbanglowcam
Re: I think I spotted Hond...
Discuss miniature Hondas here. Moderated by s2ktaxi, curator of hondamobilia.vtec.net
488 07-12-2015 22:17 by kitaro
Re: Looking S2000 AP2 V2 L...
Spy Shots
Post spy shots (or links to spy shots) of any vehicles of interest here. Please be mindful of copyrights!
1858 07-29-2015 12:52 by Rgist85
Re: More 2016 Civic Shots ...
Optimizing Fuel Economy
With gas prices continuing to soar, here's a place to discuss strategies for extracting the best fuel economy from your Hondas and Acuras. Feel free to share th...
710 06-25-2015 18:23 by ipribadi
Re: accord mpg/fuel tips.....
Photoshops of current, future, or imagined Hondas and Acuras go here.
1113 07-17-2015 01:18 by Hondatalover
My own TSX
Acura Car Specific Posts Last Post
2nd Generation Acura RL
Acura's flagship now features 300HP and the world's most advanced All Wheel Drive system.
5400 06-24-2015 11:28 by Nick GravesX
Re: Diecast 1:18 Model of ...
Talk about all models of the 1986-2001 Integra here.
8787 04-05-2015 09:10 by Grace141
Re: 1989 Honda Integra XSi...
Honda's venerable supercar is due for an update Any Day Now.
5413 07-31-2015 17:04 by urbanglowcam
Re: First Production NSX o...
Talk about the Canada-only compact 4 door Acura EL, rebadged as the CSX for 2006.
2281 01-28-2015 21:15 by VTEC_Inside
Re: 2003 EL Engine overhea...
CL and TL (2nd generation)
Talk about all generations and models of the CL and TL here. We will add more specific forums as necessary.
2223 01-07-2014 16:22 by CanTex
Life Left In An Old Car
Acura's new "gateway" product will be in showrooms soon.
3410 07-05-2015 21:18 by deandorsey
Re: 16 ILX on Vossen rims ...
Acura's popular crossover SUV is all new for 2007.
1734 07-20-2015 10:50 by 6SPDTL
Re: UK short review of the...
The concept RD-X has now been launched. Discuss this entry level, sporty, SUV from Acura here.
4769 07-28-2015 13:37 by DCR
Re: Outlander vs. RDX
RL / Legend
Talk about Honda's top of the line luxury sedan, the RL / Legend.
935 12-26-2014 08:58 by George Knighton
Re: 2015 Honda Legend
Home for discussion of Acura's current flagship sedan.
2754 06-22-2015 22:36 by owequitit
Re: Acura RLX Reviews
Talk about the 2002+ RSX here.
8469 06-17-2014 18:09 by BLK
Re: Is this a real Integra...
Based upon the all-new European Accord, the TSX is Acura's best sport-sedan to date.
11259 06-11-2015 12:55 by Hondatalover
Re: Philips Ultinons.
Acura's mid-range sedan arrives in the Late Summer/Early Fall of 2014. Talk about it here.
3788 07-17-2015 19:54 by TonyEX
Re: TLX V6 SHAWD TECH orde...
Discuss Acura's unique new "sports coupe" here
925 04-14-2015 19:22 by Hondatalover
Re: Custom ZDX taillights ...
Ridgeline Posts Last Post
Ridgeline - General Talk
Discuss and compare the Ridgeline with other trucks, learn about various features, and other general topics.
1848 03-22-2015 23:17 by DCR
Re: JEEP Ridgeline
Ridgeline - Modifications
Talk about what Honda and Aftermarket Parts & Accessories will be available for the Ridgeline and tell others which are the best to buy.
126 04-29-2014 03:43 by petedu
need suggestions on Ridgel...
Ridgeline - Maintenance & Repair
Talk about how to take care of your new Honda Ridgeline and how to pinpoint any issues you may have.
91 01-04-2011 21:27 by ezshift5
Re: I need help with repla...
TL Posts Last Post
3rd Generation TL (2004-2008 models) - General Talk
Home for general discussions regarding the third generation (2004+) TL luxury sports sedan.
9220 03-23-2014 21:45 by willc
Re: 07-08 TL-S 6MT questio...
3rd Generation TL (2004-2008 models) - Maint. & Repair
If you have questions or insights on repair, maintenance, or other issues with your 2004 (or newer) TL, this is the place for your post.
1612 02-14-2015 08:38 by Brian
Re: My Dashboard say my do...
4th Generation TL
2009-up Acura TL
2698 06-10-2014 03:06 by Limaguy79
Re: Realistic On-The-Groun...
Honda Car Specific Posts Last Post
Talk about all generations and models of the Honda Accord here.
52084 08-01-2015 00:26 by owequitit
Re: Turbos?! :-(
Accord CrossTour
Honda's latest CUV!
1128 04-01-2015 23:12 by sadlerau
Talk about all generations and models of the Honda Civic here.
117522 07-31-2015 12:29 by DrWhiner
Re: UK still fond of Bagpu...
Honda's first sport ute helped define a segment.
4687 07-31-2015 19:11 by Basset3
Re: 2012 CR-V Bluetooth Wh...
CRX talk goes here.
852 04-24-2015 19:20 by LudegarH22A7
Re: My first time in a CRX...
The 21st Century CRX is almost here!
2638 07-31-2015 12:29 by garoto628
Re: Hi Jeff!
Honda's latest might very well be a "segment buster". Combining loads of space, great refinement, comfort, nimble handling, and utility at a low price is sure t...
1005 09-22-2013 10:23 by Hondatalover
Re: Have a wish list for a...
Fit (and Jazz)
Word has it that the Fit is coming to the US for the 2006 model year. Here is the TOV's landing spot for all Fit-related discussions.
7150 07-25-2015 05:47 by KaizenDo
Re: Honda Jazz 2015 Europe...
Home of discussion for Honda's smallest crossover, set to go on sale in 2014.
1172 07-28-2015 10:39 by BG
Re: HR-V European Press Dr...
General discussion concerning Honda's IMA (integrated motor assist) hybrid powertrain technology.
2945 06-29-2015 14:18 by KaizenDo
Honda axes Civic CNG, Civi...
Discuss Honda's eco-wonder here.
1313 09-10-2014 19:47 by RolledaNsx
Re: Next Generation Insig...
Honda's Odyssey remains the best minivan on the road.
5870 05-16-2015 23:42 by bnilhome
Re: Any information availa...
A forum for Honda's popular Mid-size SUV.
1809 07-25-2015 18:54 by dutchboy
Re: 2016 Pilot Accessories...
Talk about all generations and models of the Honda Prelude here.
5261 07-15-2015 00:39 by TonyEX
Re: Honda Prelude With Two...
The Beat lives on!
43 04-27-2015 14:00 by Nick GravesX
Re: S660: Downloadable Eng...
Honda's S2000 is a legend in its own time..
5366 07-30-2015 22:44 by Soniccar
Re: New S2000/Mini-NSX Pat...
Motorcycles Posts Last Post
Honda Motorcycles
For enthusiasts of 2-wheeled Honda conveyances. ATV and PWC discussions are welcomed here too.
890 06-11-2015 15:53 by JMU R1
Re: The most expensive Hon...
Video Posts Last Post
Featured GTChannel.com Videos
Videos of interest from our friends at GTChannel.com
44 06-16-2009 23:00 by Mike Freitas
Re: GTChannel.com: NSX-R G...
Share and discuss video clips here.
2647 07-12-2015 07:48 by KaizenDo
Honda Hybrid CM
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