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Spied! 2008 Accord - Unmasked Pics
 Date: June 26, 2007 15:19
 Submitted by:  RyanDL
 Source: Brenda Priddy & Company
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

Brenda and her team of sleuths stumbled across these 2008 Accords high in the mountains of Canada as they were posing for some brochure glamour shots.

As we’ve seen before, the coupe sports a honeycomb grille, whereas the sedan has horizontal bars. And based on the wheels and dual exhaust – these are all V6 versions.

Here's the note Brenda included with the pics:
Once again we stumbled upon a group of 2008 Honda Accords, but these were no test cars: This was a brochure photo shoot in the forests high in the mountains of Canada, Obviously somewhere that they didn’t expect to run into camera-toting spies!

As we’ve seen before, the coupe sports a honeycomb grille, whereas the sedan has horizontal bars. And based on the wheels and dual exhaust – these are all V6 versions.

You just may have to wait till the embargo is over to see better pictures!

Footnote: You might even catch a glimpse of the 2008 Odyssey behind the red coupe, but unfortunately we don't have any additional pictures of it.

Brenda Priddy & Company

Last edited by JeffX on June 26, 2007 16:24

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