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Some Interesting tips from the K&N catalog

Service Interval Tips

K&N Filtercharger service interval is dependent of usage, obviously the dirtier the environment in which it is used in, the shorter the interval. K&N recommends the proper way to determine when their air-filter needs service is by the use of an air restriction gauge. This gauge measures the pressure differential between the inside and the outside of the filter. The maximum allowable restriction for a K&N Filtercharger is 15-inch if vacuum (water). If the restriction is allowed to go higher, the filter media might become so restricted that the element could distort and allow dirty air to bypass the filter and enter the engine. On the other hand, cleaning the filter too often will shorten the serviceable life expectancy.

Service Life

A K&N Filtercharger can be washed up to 25 times before it is considered as no longer serviceable (and must be replaced). K&N recommends replacement after 25 washings even if the filter shows no outward signs of deterioration. Excessive washings will actually deplete the tiny cotton hairs that crisscross the openings, the resulting damage allowing the smaller dust particles to pass through.

Oiling and Over-Oiling

When servicing a K&N filter, it is important not to over-oil the element. Doing this will impede air-flow and the excess oil can also migrate into the intake system where it can coat electronic sensors and affect their operation. Thus K&N warns to never saturate the filter - if oil drips from the filter, it should be washed and re-oiled again. Only K&N oil should be used. The safest method would be to always follow the oiling instructions included with the filter.

Types of K&N Filters

There are three main types of K&N Filterchargers for street use that applies to Hondas. These are 1. Stock Replacement Air Filter, 2. Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK) and 3. Universal Air Filters. We will examine all three in turn.

Stock Replacement Filters

These are exact replicas of the stock OEM paper filters but made by K&N using their unique technologies as described above. In the catalog, K&N stated some generalized gains from usage of these replacement filters, including the ability to have up to 1/8 inch of dust covering the Filtercharger before performance is significantly affected, the ability to last up to 50,000 miles (80,000 km) before service is required, and the ability to double air flow which in turn can add up to 15 extra hp.
Obviously this does not apply to all situations. Do NOT expect to gain 15 hp from the use of any aftermarket air-filter systems on Honda as a general rule

Honda K&N
17220-634-005 E-2660
17220-657-000 E-2730
17220-671-000 E-2740
17220-671-005 E-2740
17220-689-003 E-2790
17220-P13-000 33-2090
17220-P2J-003 33-2104
17220-PA6-661 E-2740
17220-PAO-003 E-2740
17220-PC6-660 E-2925
17220-PE0-661 E-2730
17220-PE2-000 33-2021
17220-PE2-010 33-2021
17220-PH3-000 33-2521
17220-PH4-661 E-9030
17220-PH7-661 E-2380
17220-PJ0-600 33-2521
17220-PK2-661 E-2425
17220-PM2-B01 E-9071
17220-PM7-000 33-2025
17220-PO7-000 33-2047
17220-POA-A00 33-2071
17220-POG-A00 33-2100
17220-PR3-000 33-2028
17220-PT2-000 33-2613
17220-PTO-G01 E-9180
17220-PW0-000 33-2061
17220-PY2-000 33-2613
17220-PY5-000 33-2089
17232-PD2-660 E-2764

There is a unique K&N Filtercharger replacement element for all Honda models that they cover and in the catalog, there are almost 120 pages that lists all K&N Filterchargers made, Honda models covered will include all variants that have been marketed in the United States. Obviously JDM and non-US models will not be listed. However I was using a K&N in my previous Malaysian market EF-Civic 1.6EX which uses a 1590cc SOHC dual Keihin carb'ed engine and the K&N Filtercharger I got was listed as for the 1.4l dual-carb'ed European model so it would seem K&N do make Filterchargers for non-US models, perhaps in their manufacturing facilities outside of the U.S.

There is also a Honda OEM filter part-number to K&N Filtercharger model number cross reference in the catalog and this cross reference table would probably be more useful to owners of JDM and non-US spec Hondas. The table is reproduced on the right but at any time, K&N should still be consulted for the latest correct cross-reference list.

The strength of K&N Filtercharger replacement filters is that they can be directly installed in place of the original filter. No fitting of any form is required and because they work with the stock air-intake system, enjoys almost the same low noise level as the stock OEM filters but with higher air-flow and longer service interval benefits.

Fuel Injection Performance Kits

FIPK on the US Civic

Fuel Injection Performance Kits or FIPK for short are the famous K&N open-element cone type filters. Designed to be used with fuel-injected engines, FIPK replaces part of the stock air-intake system, typically the air-box that contains the filter element. Installation of FIPK will require some fitting and mounting work; first the stock air-box will have to be dismantled and removed from the engine bay, then the FIPK kit will have to be installed in its place.

In most cases, the FIPK will contain all the parts needed to make the filter work, including (if necessary) a pipe to insert into the stock intake hose so that the K&N cone element can be placed in the area where the stock air box used to be.

In the catalog, the K&N FIPK Design Concept is explained as being to promote performance in fuel-injected stock engines by creating air filtration with the least resistance in air-flow. FIPK's have specially designed filters with woven cotton fabric pressed between 2 layers of wire mesh screen (ie the element design described above). The screen and fabric combination is said to create a grid-like effect which actually straightens out the incoming air as it passes through the filter. FIPK's also have uniquely designed adapters that act like a built-in velocity stack. A velocity stack is a specially designed tube that has varying diameter, typically larger at the mouth and gradually tapering smaller. This design is supposed to increase the velocity of the air as it passes through the tube and thus contributing to better engine power.

The velocity stack creates a radius entry into the mass air sensor reducing restriction and allowing the engine to pull in more air. Note this point is not valid for Hondas because we use MAP air sensors which uses air pressure to measure air flow velocity. MAP sensors do not produce any restriction to air-flow unlike mass air sensors.

FIPK on the US Integra GSR

K&N says that fuel injected computer controlled engines can gain substantial power by using a less restrictive air filter assembly which will feature the two key factors of an improved air filter element and the air filter adapter. The K&N FIPK combines K&N's famous precision high flow air filter element with other necessary components depending on the specific application.

The FIPK effect is described as fully maximizing air-flow potential which will create an instant throttle response. FIPK's are quality engineered and dyno-tested to ensure effectiveness and durability. In the U.S. FIPK's meets the C.A.R.B. emission standards.

K&N have also started marketing their FIPK generation 2. The main feature of FIPK-2 is the use of an extra screen to shield the K&N cone from the rest of the engine bay and thus providing the so-called cold-air intake effect. However, at the time of writing of this article, K&N does not produce FIPK-2 for any Honda models. A picture of an FIPK-2 for a US make is produced on the right.

Like Filtercharger replacement filters, K&N produces a specific FIPK for each Honda model they support. The main Honda models K&N supports includes most versions of the Integra and NSX (marketed as Acuras in the U.S.) and the Honda Civic (and CRX).

Copyright Temple of VTEC
May 1999.

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