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article details
Author Various
Categories Integra
Create Date January 16, 2002 17:44
Last Update March 27, 2002 01:45
Short Shifters
Last Updated: 03/21/97

DC Sports Short Shifter

By Dan
I got the DC Sports short shifter because I've heard that these cars can be a little picky when it comes to short shifters. I got the aluminum one because of the sealed bearings as well as it's lighter weight. Cost was $115 shipped from NOPI. These things are rather simple but proved very effective.

One minor quibble is that the bolt which secures it to the linkage was too short. I complained to DC and they literally said, "So, what do you want me to do about it?". Customer service was the worst I've ever experienced. I merely wanted to communicate this problem so that future customers weren't affected, but obviously DC doesn't care. My advice is simply to buy a longer bolt for $0.70.

Install takes about an hour and requires one person in the car not only to help in the removing of the old one and installing of the new one but also to adjust the tightness of the bolt to the desired level. Once adjusted to the desired tightness for me, the shifter action required a tad more effort but still felt very precise. The shift throws were shortened quite a bit making the most difference on the 1-2 shift but definitely shortened all the other throws. I don't know about reduction in shift times yet, but I doubt it makes THAT much difference.

All in all a nicely finished piece but one of the last things you should do considering the high price and difficulty of install. Sealed bearings are a nice touch though. No need to remove the B-pipe or heat shield as stated elsewhere.

By Stephen W. Hill
I had a DC Sports aluminum (6061 T-6 billet) short shift kit installed in my 94 GS-R this past fall, and I am very happy with it.

The shaft between the shifter pivot ball and the link is lengthened to reduce throw. The DC short shifter is said to reduce throws by 30% to 40%, which is noticeable even though the GS-R throws are already fairly short. Shifts are quicker, and more distinct, if a bit notchy... almost like joystick movements! Now the only shift which is not a little "click-click" is the 4 to 5 upshift (though it is shorter than it was); but I only tend to shift into 5th when I'm settling into a comfortable highway cruise so quick shifting is not so important by then. All the other shifts, including the 5 to 4 downshift, are now quick and sure.

A closer shift pattern has obvious benefits to the drag racer or auto-crosser: the quicker you can shift, the shorter the coasting duration and the sooner you can get into the desired gear. However, this mod also has daily driver relevance: quicker and more sure shifting facilitates driving in city and highway traffic... or enjoying those on- and off-ramps... or those twisty back roads!

I took the opportunity to add a RAZO leather shift knob to complement the mod. It adds a nice grippy feel to the shifter (in place of the old shiny plastic one), and goes nicely with the Acura leather steering wheel wrap I put on.

I had Rob Montenegro of Speed Force install the short shift kit for me, but I watched another short shift (a red Z-Speed one!) installation last week, and Rob wrote out step by step instructions for me. I have also incorporated steps from the article "Quick shift" (Super Street magazine, January 1997, Vol. 1, No. 4: pp. 94,95.) which details installation of the same DC part... with lots of great pictures.

Steps: (As per Rob, with additions from the Super Street article where deemed appropriate) Note: The Super Street method requires only one person, but Rob has found that parts of the job work better if there is one person in the car as well as the one under the car... be careful if you are using jack stands!

  1. Use a hydraulic lift if available. Otherwise, use jack stands and apply the handbrake!....Again, be careful!
  2. person inside the car: remove the shift knob
  3. G2 Integras: remove center console; G3's: remove the shift boot
  4. Super Street suggests removing the B-pipe to have more room to work. If you plan to, then spray the B-pipe nuts with a lubricant (We didn't because we use a socket set with a universal flex joint to get easy access to the nuts)
    • and if necessary, remove the 10mm bolts connecting the heat shield to the chassis - careful: the heat shield is very sharp!
    • the second person in the car: use pliers (preferably vise grips) to hold the flat head of the bolt
    • remove the 12 mm nut and bolt of the OEM shift rod
    • unbolt the two 12mm bolts of the rear support bracket of the shifter
  5. slide the shifter out of the sealing boot before removing the shifter
  6. remove the 10mm bolts from the shifter ball socket
  7. once all nuts and bolts are removed, the person in the car pulls out the shifter
  8. Mild Steel short shift kit (about $156 Canadian): requires new silicone washers and bushings from the factory: Bushing #54107-SAO-010 (2 required)
    Washer # 54107-692-010 (2 required)
    O-ring# 91303-HAO-004 (4 required)
    total: about $18 to $20 Canadian.

    Aluminum kit (about $249 Canadian): *Better for resisting the elements* it comes with sealed bearings, and nuts, bolts and washers

  9. After installing the new bushings, just do all the steps from 7 back in reverse!


From: Justin Bedard
Well, I finally installed my Neuspeed short shift kit and I have plenty of complaints.

On the bottom of the shifter where you attach the linkage, they left a spot weld in there. In the stock one, it's nice and smooth all the way thru, so I filed that out.

They tell you to re-use the bearing sleeve. Well guess what? The stock one was plastic! In an attempt to get it out, it cracked it in 2 places. Instead, I made a custom one. For $120, don't you think they could have included a $0.05 piece of plastic??

The last thing was the threads to attach your shift knob were not finished. It was a perfect circle at the top! We removed some paint from the very top and, with the downward force of a 200 lbs man, coaxed the stock knob on. It should come off ok.

These things were really annoying!! It would have taken 10 minutes to install if we didn't run into these annoying problems!!!

As for the shift: Oh my god it's short!!! It's great! Neuspeed shortened the level and raised the ball up from the bottom of the shifter making it unbelievably short! I use to thing the new GSRs throw was short! Not any more!

Now I need my left foot to be as fast as my right hand...

From: Son Keith R Munroe
In all fairness to Neuspeed, I recently installed one of their short shifters in my 94 GS-R. The shifter was absolutely flawless. The welds were perfect and the finish was outstanding. As far as the performance of the shifter, I have to agree with Justin 100 percent. The shift feel is greatly improved and the throws are cut down by almost an inch top to bottom (1st to 2nd..etc.) The actual feel from the shifter is worth its price and then some. The kit gives a much more precise feel to the shift. Every shift is more accurate. Anyone considering an aftermarket short shifter should definitely consider one of Neuspeed's fine products.

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