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article details
Author Various
Categories RSX, Civic
Create Date January 13, 2002 01:38
Last Update April 13, 2002 14:50
Integra and Civic-R Review


This article appeared in a recent edition of the Japanese Best Motoring magazine. It talks about the highly anticipated 2002 Integra (now called RSX in North America). The current Integra platform has been around since '94, ancient in this hotly contested sporty coupe group. Many people have been anxiously waiting on more solid information on the next generation Integra (which will be getting an alphanumeric name). Much of the information is quite shocking. The article was expertly translated by Kaz Mori. Thanks for "VuDoo4u2" for sending us these pictures and to Neal for the picture touch up. Enjoy.

Top Captions:
Debut date of June 2001 Integra, Shocking 220ps! The 21st Century Sport Shown by Honda

Caption on Engine:
The new generation engine for the Honda "Stream" is the K20A, but the Integra's i-VTEC will be the K20C. If a Type R exists, will it be called the '01 Spec R? The power output is said to be 2.0 liters, 220ps!

In the dwindling "sports specialty" class, how will Honda revive the Integra to be the class secret surprise? This new Integra is amazing. It's been a year since we've been saying that. The next model was said to merge with the Prelude and move up to the 2.0-liter class - now we know some details on the engine. The LX and the new Integra both make use of the recently released Civic's chassis and flat-floor system. However, the engine is quite different. While the Civic is equipped with conventional engines, the new Integra is equipped with the all-new i-VTEC. The i-VTEC's base is said to be the S2000's F20C, and the tuning of the new Integra is supposed to see further improvements.

Picture of Engine and Exhaust:
Because the new i-VTEC will turn clockwise, the exhaust will face backward, allowing for a tighter fit, along with better fuel economy, emissions, and power.

---- Shortened the length between exhaust port ---- Catalytic Converter

Text continued:
The engine equipped on the new Integra is the high-power "K" series for FF cars, and the engine designation is said to be K20C. The base engine is from the "Stream" released last month, and is called the K20A. The developer of the engine boasts, "We went conservatively on the 'Stream', but we can easily get 125ps/liter with this engine." In other words, with the same 2.0 liters as the S2000, it's possible to hit 250ps. Because of its FF layout, the Integra's engine will supposedly be set to an output of 220ps, according to insiders. However, since Honda plans on racing with the new Integra, it wouldn't be a surprise to see an "N1 edition" that makes 230-240ps.

However, with the information gathered up to now, the new Integra will not have the variety of 'grades' of engines as it did before. Instead, all grades will be Type-R-like -- much as the NSX and how all NSX's boast high performance. The retail version will most likely have 220ps across all grades. The so-called K20C 01 Spec R has the standard VTEC, but in addition, comes with the load-responsive VTC, which makes for the i-VTEC.

Like the S2000, the cam is chain-driven. In addition, the FF layout is maximized -- the transversely mounted engine's exhaust manifold faces the rear of the car. This allows for the engine compartment space to be maximized, and also increases fuel efficiency, power, and emissions. The i-VTEC has received the LEV status, and will (text garbled - I'm guessing it says you'll qualify for some tax discount). Clean emissions and ultimate power - in that sense, the goal is the same as the S2000, but the Integra is slated to have a lower sticker price. Currently, in the 2.0 liter sports class, the Celica SS-II is $18,000 (US$), and despite the new Integra's 30 more ps, it is rumored to be priced similarly. The current "IntR" (Integra Type-R) is 1.8 liters, 200ps, and $23,000 (US$), so this would mean an amazing price reduction.

Engine Spec Chart:
K20C 01 Spec R (name not finalized)
Engine Straight-4 DOHC
Displacement 1998cc Bore x Stroke 86.0? x ??.0 (text blurred badly)
Compression 11:1
Power 220ps @7800rpm
Torque 22.0kg @7000rpm

Text Continued:
The details on pricing are top secret, but insider sources say that Honda may take an aggressive pricing scheme to push the new Integra. Because the base is still the Civic, and the new i-VTEC is able to produce high output without the manual labor (port & polish, etc) required on previous Type-R-class engines, the low price is not a dream. How about the suspension that will carry this powerful engine? The basic system is still that of the Civic and the "Stream" line. The front will be struts, and the rear will be double-wishbone. However, as one may expect, the suspension will be customized to Type-R specs, and the fine-tuning involved is said to be amazing, and will not tarnish the name of the "Type-R". This suspension will indeed be key. No matter how much power you have, if the rest of the car cannot handle it, it is a failure.

But imagine...a S2000-class FF coupe...that is the new Integra. The on-road testing is said to be in its final stages, and is slated to successfully pass the high-speed test at Nurburgring this Fall. The number of grades available will be very few, but insiders say it will be a fearfully fast FF sports car. It will even include an NSX Type S-Zero-like ultra-spec'd-out model, which will most closely resemble the current Integra Type-R in terms of speed. The exterior design will be that of bubbly eyes in both the front and rear. The headlights indented into the bumper, which started with the HR-V, will also be utilized for the Integra. The SM-X, Odyssey, and the new Logo which debuts next Spring will use them as well -- and thus, the Integra's debut time is expected to be around the same time, although rumor has the debut date anywhere from May to July -- hinting that they are a tad bit behind. Will this super FF sports change the specialty class?

Spec Chart:
New Integra's *Predicted* Specs
Length 4450mm
Width 1750mm
Height 1350mm
Wheelbase 2600mm
Engine K20C
Displacement 1998
Power 220ps @ 7800rpm
Torque 22.0kg @ 7000rpm
Price $18,000 (US$)

Yellow-box caption on the Civic Type R:
The Civic Type R will share the engine with the Integra! The Civic Type R is slated to debut in Fall, 2001, and will be imported from Great Britain. The debut date will be 2-3 months after the Integra, but by September, the 3-door Civic Type-R is slated to be sold in Japan. The Civic Type-R uses the i-VTEC 2.0 liter, 220ps engine. Truth be told, the clockwise engine could not be finished in time for the Civic, so the Civic uses the Stream's i-VTEC. However, the Civic Type-R will utilize the rearward-exhaust, clockwise-turning, K20C. Because of its import status, the price may end up being higher than the Integra - about $18-$20k. Gotta watch for this one, too!

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