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article details
Author Ryan Leecock
Categories TL
Create Date September 17, 2003 02:10
Last Update February 08, 2005 18:36
Navigation and HandsFreeLink

Multi-Info Display (MID)

  • The MID is standard equipment.
  • It is a backlit LED screen with its push-button controls located on the right side of the instrument cluster.
  • The MID is the interface for odometer/trip odometer, outside temperature, trip computer, custom memory settings, HandsFreeLink, Maintenance Minder, and vehicle warnings.
  • The MID shows the custom settings of many electronic features in the TL, including automatic door locking/unlocking, door unlock selection, keyless acknowledgement feedback, security re-lock timer, headlight auto-off timer and interior light dimming timer.
  • To make it easy to track warnings (such as "Check fuel cap," or Maintenance Minder warnings) displayed on the MID, a memory feature lets you scroll through previous warnings for review.


  • The HandsFreeLink system is standard equipment and is designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones with Hands-Free capabilities (sold separately) as well as being compatible with Bluetooth phones having the Hands Free Profile (HFP).
  • HandsFreeLink allows the driver to send or receive calls without taking his or her hands from the steering wheel by using steering wheel mounted controls and voice commands.
  • When a call comes in, the number of the incoming caller is displayed on the Multi-Info Display (MID). The phone ring tone is also played over the audio system. If the driver chooses to answer the call, a press of the steering wheel-mounted "Talk" button mutes the audio system and the incoming caller is heard over the audio system speakers.
  • Algorithms built into the HandsFreeLink system cancel "echo effect" and reduce background noise to improve the transmission quality of the driver's speech.
  • The driver also can store up to 50 frequently called numbers with voice tags in the system's memory.
  • Up to six different compatible mobile phones can be paired with the HandsFreeLink system.

Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition

  • The Acura Navigation System is optional equipment and uses an 8-inch screen, which is the largest ever offered in an Acura, and is the same size as that used in the TSX.
  • In addition to recognizing 7 million points of interest, the system contains expanded voice recognition capabilities (293 commands total) and has fast route calculation and search speed 2 times faster that the previous TL.
  • Split-screen mode features a simultaneous "map view" and selective "3-D" route visualization.
  • Business and recreation directory of virtually the entire continental United States complete with phone numbers
  • Directory categories include restaurants (searchable by type of cuisine), lodging, shopping, airports, hospitals, recreation areas and much more
  • Audio system automatically mutes for turn-by-turn voice guidance in either male or female voice (which can be turned off at any time)
  • User selectable Day/Night screen modes
  • Destination memory recalls current trip addresses, previous destinations and user address books
  • Voice Recognition operates key audio and climate control functions
  • Make calls to on-screen points of interest with HandsFreeLink
  • If the antenna (located on the rear parcel shelf) is blocked by a tunnel, tall building or parking garage, an internal gyroscopic system and a speed sensor track the location of the vehicle to keep the mapping information current and reliable until satellite reception is restored.

See which TOV Dealer Network affiliates are currently accepting pre-orders for the 2004 Acura TL.

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09-20-2003 15:15 wood-plood: fake or real   (Score: 1, Normal) vtecura
09-24-2003 23:08 dydx
09-28-2003 16:51 vtecura
09-29-2003 11:35 dydx
09-30-2003 02:33 vwb5guy
09-29-2003 02:43 Innovative Nav system? any comments?   (Score: 1, Normal) jes98gsr
09-24-2003 21:21 Looks like the CTS   (Score: 1, Normal) loggiver
09-28-2003 16:52 vtecura
09-18-2003 22:29 As-of-yet unanswered feature questions   (Score: 1, Normal) rgunther
09-19-2003 12:37 RichMack
09-21-2003 20:01 TLwowsers
09-18-2003 15:17 Nipple on the roof????   (Score: 1, Normal) HondaLover
09-18-2003 16:05
  • Onstar   (Score: 1, Normal)
09-18-2003 16:48 Dil
09-19-2003 08:10 HondaLover
09-19-2003 14:17 vtechbrain
09-21-2003 19:56 TLwowsers
09-18-2003 22:16 Rick955i
09-18-2003 22:20 rgunther
09-19-2003 00:02 Wizard
09-20-2003 19:01 fritzdick
09-21-2003 19:52 TLwowsers
09-18-2003 22:39 Keyless Adknowledgement   (Score: 1, Normal) MASTERNC
09-19-2003 23:31 rgunther
09-20-2003 18:57 fritzdick
09-19-2003 22:27 power seats?   (Score: 1, Normal) HONDAPOWA!!
09-19-2003 14:22 2002 TL type S for sale!!!!!!!   (Score: 1, Normal) vtechbrain
09-19-2003 00:59 Flat floor like Civic?   (Score: 1, Normal) Legendry329
09-19-2003 08:15 HondaLover
09-19-2003 08:13 Trip computer ????   (Score: 1, Normal) HondaLover
09-18-2003 03:23 wow   (Score: 1, Normal) RimShotRik
09-18-2003 12:57 magueto
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