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article details
Author Shawn Church
Categories Automotive Technology, All Honda/Acura, TSX, Accord
Create Date June 24, 2003 20:26
Last Update February 14, 2006 14:20
Day 0
It began at the airport - well, at least it did for me. I flew out of Los Angeles at 1:00am PST, on my way to Atlanta for another TOV group test. We try and do these things once a year, rounding up a couple of Honda and Acura's latest cars to get to know them better. We drive them thousands of miles, take them to the drag strip, the auto-x, the dyno. We nap in them, eat in them, and occasionally emit noxious odors in them.

Well, the redeye wasn't the best way to get started, but I arrived in Atlanta at 8:30am EST, allowing us to get in a full day - but we wouldn't be testing cars the first day. Rather, Sage Marie of Honda PR set up a plant tour for us at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. Sage picked up Jeff and then they met me at the airport in a Silver Pilot. Hmm, full DVD system, reclining rear seats, gosh I could use the sleep. Time to pop in something boring like Man on the Moon - but no such luck, nobody brought a movie.

We drove about two hours to Lincoln, Alabama, dodging highway patrolmen, sherrifs, etc. along the way - we literally saw dozens. Someone must have tipped off the gendarmes that TOV was in town. We arrived at the Honda plant to find an absolutely massive production facility, and a nearly identically sized new facility under construction. We were met there by several members of the plant team, including plant manager Chuck Ernst. They proceeded to give us an all access tour (including the cafeteria for lunch) that was simply amazing. This plant pumps out 150,000 Odysseys a year, and that will soon double! Even more impressive, they build all their own engines on site. If you've never been to a foundry, or seen (and felt) a 2300 ton press stamp steel, you owe it to yourself to visit an auto plant. Stay tuned for a more in-depth story on our visit, including Jeff dodging sparks on the welding line! :-)

After the plant tour, we drove back to Atlanta and took a short drive in the Accord V6 MT6. More impressions and data will follow, but the powertrain reminded me very much of the CL-S 6spd test we did last year. Only the clutch on the Accord was much better. Why Honda doesn't get more accolades for its V6's is beyond me - they're simply awesome.

Tomorrow, Tuan joins us with the TSX and we start putting on some serious miles. Check in tomorrow night for our Day 2 report.

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07-08-2003 12:12 Vids and reviews????????   (Score: 1, Normal) zapata
07-09-2003 10:28 RyanDL
07-09-2003 15:14 zapata
03-17-2004 19:44 AaronNg
07-28-2003 13:29 Further Information - Conclusion - Etc...   (Score: 1, Normal) Teirisius
08-06-2003 02:04 zapata
06-30-2003 20:10 J30a4   (Score: 1, Normal) Roadmaster
07-23-2003 23:14 DRog
07-14-2003 14:31 Is anything else forthcomming???   (Score: 1, Normal) vtechbrain
07-14-2003 18:06 Tuan
07-15-2003 09:54 vtechbrain
07-17-2003 12:19 DV
07-17-2003 13:28 JeffX
06-29-2003 19:49 How did you come up with HP estimates?   (Score: 1, Normal) T-R
06-29-2003 22:35 notyper
07-01-2003 16:32 Lung Fu Mo Shi
07-08-2003 12:27 KenB
07-09-2003 01:54 WongKN
07-09-2003 11:53 notyper
07-10-2003 04:09 WongKN
07-10-2003 09:04 gilbert
07-10-2003 11:09 notyper
07-11-2003 20:01 TonyEX
07-11-2003 10:51 MaxRC
07-11-2003 12:00 notyper
07-11-2003 15:42 MaxRC
07-11-2003 16:23 gilbert
07-11-2003 19:50 TonyEX
07-11-2003 18:09 notyper
07-11-2003 08:54 1/4 miles times?   (Score: 1, Normal) 99SI
07-11-2003 10:19 gilbert
06-27-2003 10:00 Nice work!   (Score: 1, Normal) vtechbrain
07-01-2003 11:16 CivicB18
06-30-2003 17:25 This article needs a conclusion!   (Score: 1, Normal) hatchback
06-30-2003 18:09 JeffX
06-30-2003 22:56 provench
06-27-2003 10:40 Cool review   (Score: 1, Normal) constructicon
06-30-2003 09:49 gilbert
06-26-2003 11:04 Accord vs CL instead?   (Score: 1, Normal) TonyEX
06-26-2003 11:26 gilbert
06-26-2003 12:41 torqueie
06-26-2003 12:56 gilbert
06-26-2003 15:38 torqueie
06-26-2003 19:18 TonyEX
06-29-2003 19:10 iceman6
06-29-2003 23:05 TonyEX
06-30-2003 00:06 notyper
06-26-2003 18:17 hatchback
06-26-2003 20:45 NSXman
06-26-2003 23:10 purplesage
06-28-2003 02:21 hatchback
06-28-2003 21:00 Classic
06-28-2003 21:41 notyper
06-28-2003 23:39 TonyEX
06-29-2003 00:41 gilbert
06-30-2003 00:18 Classic
06-30-2003 05:27 Daveg5
06-27-2003 09:51 Why so small pictures ???   (Score: 1, Normal) danielgr
06-27-2003 13:12 Tuan
06-27-2003 13:31 DV
06-28-2003 13:40 bowersan
06-28-2003 17:14
    • woops!   (Score: 1, Normal)
06-27-2003 13:58 New TSX Dyno   (Score: 1, Normal) TinkySD
06-27-2003 14:30 notyper
06-27-2003 16:53 TinkySD
06-28-2003 09:14 Xavi77
06-28-2003 09:21 gilbert
06-27-2003 13:35 SO NICE   (Score: 1, Normal) ivtec105
06-25-2003 01:02 I'd sure like to be on that trip!!   (Score: 1, Normal) NSXman
06-25-2003 08:54 JeffX
06-25-2003 09:27 gilbert
06-25-2003 11:06 NSXman
06-27-2003 12:13 mugen00
06-26-2003 15:51 Hey what color was the TSX?   (Score: 1, Normal) mentaloriental
06-26-2003 23:48 notyper
06-27-2003 10:03 vtechbrain
06-27-2003 11:39 mentaloriental
06-24-2003 23:17 HMA.... it's in the boonies for sure...   (Score: 1, Normal) TonyEX
06-24-2003 23:35 99SI
06-25-2003 02:18 eidji
06-25-2003 08:59 JeffX
06-25-2003 10:05 HiFiGuy
06-25-2003 10:44 TonyEX
06-25-2003 17:47 HiFiGuy
06-25-2003 18:25 TonyEX
06-26-2003 19:30 HiFiGuy
06-26-2003 19:44 TonyEX
06-27-2003 00:44 HiFiGuy
06-25-2003 11:38 99SI
06-25-2003 18:14 Road Atlanta?   (Score: 1, Normal) CivicGSiR
06-25-2003 18:32 gilbert
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