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American Honda reports December Sales
 Date: January 04, 2017 12:20
 Submitted by:  JeffX
 Source: Honda Press Release
 Credibility Rating: Not Specified

American Honda Sets All-Time Sales Records Powered by Demand for Cars and Trucks

Jan 4, 2017
  • Honda & Acura vehicles combined to break all-time annual sales record, up 6.4 percent over last year's record while combined trucks captured new annual and monthly records, rising 5.6 percent for the year and 17.4 percent in December
  • Honda Division sales set new annual total vehicle record: up 4.8 percent over last year's record, plus all-time best monthly truck sales, gaining 19 percent over the 2015 record
  • Honda CR-V sets new annual and monthly sales records as America's best-selling SUV
  • Civic breaks annual record with strong support from new Hatchback
  • Acura trucks record best month in history, up 8.9 percent versus last year
  • Acura RDX streaks to best-ever annual and monthly totals, gaining 2.6 percent for the year and 20.3 percent in December

TORRANCE, Calif. – American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today reported an all-time annual sales record of 1,637,942 Honda and Acura vehicles for 2016, an increase of 3.2 percent to eclipse the company's previous best set in 2015. AHM also set new annual and monthly total truck sales records, gaining 5.6 percent on sales of 813,243 units for the year, and 17.4 percent in December on sales of 85,568. Honda Division sales also set a new annual record, rising 4.8 percent on sales of 1,476,582 vehicles in 2016, as well as a new December record, gaining 6.9 percent on sales of 143,329 units. Honda trucks set new all-time best annual and monthly marks, gaining 6.7 percent on sales of 705,387 for the year, and 19 percent on sales of 73,380 for December. Honda cars were up 3.1 percent for the year on sales of 771,195 units. Acura car and truck sales totaled 17,148 in December, up 1.9 percent over the same month last year. Acura total annual sales reached 161,360 in 2016, down 8.9 percent for the year. However, Acura trucks set a new all-time monthly record in December, gaining 8.9 percent on sales of 12,188 vehicles.

"2016 was a very rewarding year for American Honda in which we set a second consecutive all-time sales record while maintaining our unique focus on retail sales to individual buyers," said John Mendel, executive vice president of the Automobile Division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "We are going to build on this success with a continued focus on strong products and sound sales strategies that increase quality and value for our customers."


The Honda Division recorded new all-time and monthly records while two core models set all-time annual and a monthly record for the Honda Division. Further, the Civic, Accord and CR-V combined to easily surpass 1 million units in 2016 for the 4th consecutive year, and a December sales flourish for the Ridgeline and the recently-released Civic Hatchback made for an exciting close of a successful year.
  • Honda Division sales set a new annual total vehicle record, up 4.8 percent over last year's record on sales of 1,476,582.
  • Honda trucks also set a new annual mark, breaking the 2015 record with an increase of 6.7 percent on sales of 705,387 for the year, while setting a new all-time best monthly record, jumping 19 percent on sales of 73,380 units in December.
  • CR-V, America's best-selling SUV, set new all-time annual and monthly records: with sales for the year at 357,335, a 3.4 percent gain, and December sales of 37,778 for a 21.1 percent leap to grab its best month in history. CR-V sales got an end-of-year boost as the all-new 2017 model went on sale in the last 10 days of December.
  • The new Ridgeline had its best sales month since its debut last spring, with 4,085 units sold in December.
  • With Civic setting an all-time annual sales mark of 366,927 (up 9.4 percent) the new Civic Hatchback made a splash in December, contributing over 4,000 sales for the month.
  • HR-V sales jumped dramatically in 2016, gaining 95.5 percent over 2015 on sales of 82,041 units. HR-V was also up 90.7 percent in December on sales of 9,034 vehicles.

"It was an amazing year for the Honda brand with our product lineup full of industry best models," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president & general manager of the Honda Division. "Our strong December also builds momentum for 2017 which is shaping up to be another great year as still more new Honda products will give customers exciting new choices."


Acura Division sales in December topped 2015 with positive contributions from both cars and trucks. RDX had a best-ever year and month, while MDX enjoyed its best sales month of 2016, pushing Acura trucks to a new all-time record month. Despite declining luxury sedan sales in the U.S., TLX sales were up and RLX made a notable gain in December. Continuing its steady production ramp up, the second-generation NSX supercar had its best month to date.

  • Acura trucks recorded best-ever monthly sales, gaining 8.9 percent on sales of 12,188 units.
  • Total Acura truck sales exceeded 100,000 units for the third year in a row.
  • RDX set a new all-time monthly sales record, jumping 20.3 percent on sales of 5,945 vehicles, as well as a new annual benchmark, rising 2.6 percent on sales of 52,361 units.
  • MDX sales in 2016 topped 50,000 units for the fifth straight year, helping extend its reign as the all-time best-selling luxury three-row SUV in America.
  • Acura sold 68 NSX supercars in December, its best month since sales began last spring.

"With Acura trucks leading the way and the TLX performing strongly in a challenging market for sedans, we were able to finish our 30th anniversary year on a strong note," said Jon Ikeda, vice president & general manager of the Acura division. "We're excited to carry this momentum, with a strong future vision for Acura, into the new year."

Last edited by JeffX on January 04, 2017 12:25

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