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Honda HR-V Compact SUV to Join All-New 2015 Fit as Honda Expands Small Car Lineup
Some thoughts, photos, and notes on the 2015 Acura TLX from the NYIAS show floor
2015 Acura TLX Unveiled at the 2014 New York International Auto Show
Video: TOV member catches a TLX prototype on dashcam!
All New 2015 Honda Fit Designed to Top the Subcompact Class
Honda set to show interesting new Concept at Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
'HR-V' name confirmed for upcoming Fit-based 'urban sport utility'
American Honda Announces Sales Results for March 2014
Prelude --> Re: 2016 Honda Prelude for the American Market?
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: USA Today article about Acura
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General Talk --> Re: Honda set for a rocky road ahead in Europe
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General Talk --> Re: Beijing Auto Show updates...
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General Talk --> Re: Remote Windows-Open Feature
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Crosstour's next-generation enemy: 2015 Subaru Outback
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HondaMobilia --> Re: Tenshodo RA273 Engine
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General Talk --> Re: Place your bets-TLX. Fit, HR-V sales
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General Talk --> Re: The Mustang at 50
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General Talk --> Re: MK7 Golf Wagon
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Carscoop: Honda to Detail, But Won't Show New Compact SUV Based on JDM Vezel in New York
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Civic --> slightly tweaked 2014 Euro Civic hatch
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: TLX details
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General Talk --> Re: Future Honda Small RWD Sports Car
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Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Paces 2003 LA Marathon
 03/01/03 00:05 - Tuan  
"The FCX demonstrates Honda's commitment to producing zero emission automotive technology and the company's overall commitment to the environment." [Read More]
Forbes reviews the automatic Accord V-6 sedan
 02/27/03 18:32 - dydx (13 Responses)
Despite these niggles, we can't think of a smarter play than getting the Accord sedan. Hondas have proven extremely reliable, and this one is also fun to drive, as roomy and powerful as nearly everything else in its class and very well put together. [Read More]
Autoweek reviews the TSX
 02/27/03 15:13 - JeffX (222 Responses)
Well, cat's out of the bag now, so to speak. You'll still have to wait until March 1 to read my driving impressions, however. [Read More]
Attention AOL Users: mail problems preventing successful registration
 02/26/03 18:34 - JeffX  
This is a note to all AOL users who have tried registering on the site in the past. As part of our registration process, a confirmation e-mail is sent to verify your e-mail address. Most of these have been bouncing back from AOL due to an extremely [Read More]
Stand Alone: Accord Coupe leaves little room for Camry comparisons
 02/26/03 18:05 - Anonymous (18 Responses)
THINK TWICE BEFORE grouping Honda?s 2003 Accord with the family car fray. For starters, it?s hard to push a family car from 0 to 60 mph in just a fraction over six seconds [Read More]
Acura TSX Info available through Acura.com TSX minisite
 02/26/03 17:39 - Anonymous (4 Responses)
TSX minisite is up for registered users. Great features set standard. Many features similar to Accord, others better or not available on any Accord even EX V6. Interesting tidbits: exterior dimensions left out?? TSX weighs 150 pounds more than sim [Read More]
Honda Accord 2003 Sport Study
 02/24/03 15:23 - HondaHolic (47 Responses) >5000 Views
Honda plans to show a hot "Sport-Study" model of the new euro-body Accord at the 2003 Geneva show. Photos inside! [Read More]
Top 10 Greenest and Meanest 2003 Vehicles in Canada
 02/23/03 10:36 - ivtec1 (11 Responses)
The group Environmentally Defence Canada has released a list of vehicles it says are the greenest and the meanest for sale in Canada.

Top 10 Greenest 2003 vehicles in Canada
1. Honda, Insight
2. Toyota, Prius
3. Honda, Civic Hybrid [Read More]
CR-V, Pilot, Odyssey in Car and Driver's 5 Best Trucks
 02/19/03 08:40 - ivtec1 (23 Responses)
From the article: "And since these are trucks, we placed heavy emphasis on their versatility and hauling capacity ? humans, cargo, and various combinations thereof. With Car and Driver readers in mind, however, we also paid due consideration to the be [Read More]
Photos of Civic and S2000 from 2003 Toronto Auto Show
 02/18/03 15:36 - JeffX (11 Responses) >5000 Views
TOV Reader Steve Hui took these photos of the P.A.C.E.R. Civic Si-R and BAR S2000 and Civic Si-R cars at the Toronto Auto Show. [Read More]
2004 Acura 3.5 RL Debuts at Chicago Auto Show
 02/13/03 15:13 - Tuan (141 Responses) >10000 Views
The 2004 Acura 3.5 RL luxury sedan made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show today. Already one of the most comprehensively equipped vehicles available, the RL becomes the first luxury sedan to feature XM Satellite Radio and a navigation system as stand [Read More]
Honda Financing Special - Feb 13th - 18th
 02/13/03 11:59 - donnydjr (3 Responses)
Honda is offering a financing deal from Feb. 13th - 18th in PA and a few surrounding states. The same or similar deals may be available in other states. [Read More]
Kleinubing and Mazzotta to Lead RealTime's RSX Campaign
 02/13/03 10:32 - RyanDL (9 Responses)
Three-time SPEED Touring Car champion Pierre Kleinubing and 2003 rookie-contender Zac Mazzotta have been named to spearhead RealTime Racing's assault on the 2003 SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Championship, driving a pair of matching Acura RSXs. [Read More]
Some webcam shots from Chicago
 02/11/03 15:43 - JeffX (51 Responses)
The website for the Chicago autoshow has several webcams available. From these webcams you can see an RL on the floor of the Acura booth; it appears to be an '03, so views of the '04 will likely have to wait until some time after 1:30CST tomorrow. [Read More]
Acura begins 18-month product binge, says adding rear-wheel drive not critical to success
 02/10/03 16:40 - JeffX (67 Responses)
While Acura Division redesigns its product line and enters new segments, it will not need rear-wheel drive to be a true luxury brand, dealers were told at the make meeting. [Read More]
"Redesigned" 2004 RL to debut at 2003 Chicago Autoshow
 02/06/03 15:50 - JeffX (47 Responses)
Civic Hybrids Help Jump-Start Rolling Stones' Enviro-Mojo
 02/05/03 17:50 - JeffX (4 Responses)
American Honda Sets New All-Time January Record
 02/04/03 10:11 - JeffX (9 Responses)
Honda reports soaring profits, predicts another record profit year
 02/03/03 13:53 - JeffX (11 Responses)
Andretti Green Racing announces 2003 IRL plans
 02/02/03 06:00 - Civic (3 Responses)
Bush sells vision of Hydrogen future
 01/30/03 10:07 - Legend93 (13 Responses)
European Accord Ready for Battle
 01/30/03 08:29 - JeffX (57 Responses)
ASIMO Robot to Tour U.S.
 01/29/03 06:59 - JeffX (4 Responses)
NSX R wins EVO Car Of The Year
 01/25/03 21:47 - helluvarider (15 Responses) >5000 Views
King Motorsports Enters the World Challenge
 01/23/03 23:45 - JeffX (10 Responses)
Honda Scores Well in Automotive Market Environmental Superiority
 01/23/03 09:03 - ivtec1  
Formula One and Teams Reach Rules Compromise
 01/21/03 16:23 - floundericiousMI (5 Responses)
Photos of Arctic Blue TSX from Philadelphia Auto Show
 01/16/03 07:28 - JeffX (87 Responses) >5000 Views
Acura brand being launched in Japan?
 01/15/03 19:04 - Wizard (31 Responses)
Formula One Makes Major Rules Changes Effective Immediately!
 01/15/03 16:03 - floundericiousMI (16 Responses)
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TOV Video: 2015 Acura TLX design Overview by Jared Hall
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PR Photo Gallery: 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid
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PR Photo Gallery: 2015 Civic Type R Prototype
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