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Live from New York! (On April 1)
Honda to show a new SUV Concept at Shanghai Motor show
Honda launches mid-engined S660
Neal's Fantasy Factory Imagines a new Honda MR Sports Concept
04.26 BestCar reveals some specs for the 1.5 VTEC Turbo found in new StepWGN
Honda France document reveals Civic Type R's curb weight, and a few other tidbits
HPD reveals wild new aero kit for IndyCar
Latest Holiday Auto magazine cover features rendering of next-gen CR-Z
S660/S1000 --> Re: C/D: S660 First Drive Review
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: And this is why Caddy has a 12x higher chance than Acura of turning things around...
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: 10 most beautiful cars today
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HR-V/Vezel --> Re: APRIL FOOL'S!! Honda Introduces All-New 2016 HR-V SLF 'Selfie' Edition
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: What a great way to utilize all those unsold RLXs!!
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Videos --> Re: New Power of Dreams commercial "I Like Sports"
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S660/S1000 --> Re: New S660 video with Track impressions (Japanese)
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General Talk --> Re: News just breaking(a new SUV Concept)
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Lincoln: Brings Back Contiental; Axes Split-Wing Grille
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Should Americans Be Offered Japanís Micro Kei Cars?
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S660/S1000 --> Re: The S660: A Rebirth of Honda's "Challenging Spirit"?
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General Talk --> Re: Honda's latest in car gadget?
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Civic --> Re: 2016 Civic Rumors
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Honda showing new SUV Concept at Shanghai Motor show
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Today's Reading Links --> Re: Honda press tactics for New York Autoshow
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Honda, GM, Kia Cars Probed for Defects
 04/24/03 09:10 - ivtec1 (23 Responses)
More than 535,000 cars made by Honda Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and Kia Motors Corp. are being examined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for defects. [Read More]
Microsoft Set to Debut Windows Automotive 4.2
 04/23/03 13:23 - JeffX (21 Responses)
From CarAndDriver.com:
Microsoft will launch its latest Windows operating system for automobiles next week in Europe, the Associated Press reports. [Read More]
TOV Video Interview with Concept TL Designer Jon Ikeda
 04/22/03 11:26 - JeffX (55 Responses) >5000 Views
We sat down with Jon Ikeda, principal designer of the Concept TL and discussed some of the details of his design.

[Read More]
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Announces New President and CEO
 04/22/03 07:35 - JeffX (10 Responses)
Tokyo, April 22, 2003 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that Takeo Fukui will become the company's sixth President and Chief Executive Officer effective in late June 2003. Fukui, 58, currently a Senior Managing and Representative Director, wil [Read More]
Honda's CEO Is to Step Down; Successor Named
 04/22/03 07:33 - JeffX  
Today's Wall Street Journal is reporting that Honda's president and chief executive officer, Hiroyuki Yoshino, is stepping down and will be succeeded by Takeo Fukui, a senior managing director in charge of Honda's research and development. [Read More]
Honda MotoGP Rider, Daijiro Kato, loses his battle for life
 04/19/03 21:47 - JeffX (3 Responses)
Daijiro Kato has succumbed to the injuries he sustained 2 weeks ago at the Suzuka Circuit in the opening event of the 2003 MotoGP World Championship. He is survived by his wife and two children. We at the TOV extend our condolences to Kato's family. [Read More]
More pics of TL concept from NYIAS
 04/18/03 08:49 - Anonymous (20 Responses)
1st link: More pics of TL concept from NYIAS

2nd link: Short write-up [Read More]
Video Clips from '03 NYIAS - Acura Press Conference
 04/17/03 13:34 - JeffX (23 Responses) >5000 Views
3 video clips from Acura's Press Conference held yesterday in New York City.

[Read More]
Photos of '04 TL Concept from NYIAS
 04/16/03 13:43 - JeffX (157 Responses) >5000 Views
The concept car for the upcoming replacement of Acura's TL was unveiled today at the New York International Auto Show. Contained are a few photos. [Read More]
Acura 'Concept TL' Debuts at New York International Auto Show
 04/16/03 12:55 - RyanDL (5 Responses)
New York 04/16/2003 -- The Acura "Concept TL" performance luxury sedan debuted today at the 2003 New York International Auto Show. The concept features sleek, performance-oriented exterior styling indicative of the design of the next generation TL [Read More]
First EPA-Certified Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle Makes New York Debut
 04/16/03 12:01 - RyanDL (3 Responses)
When the New York International Auto Show opens this week, it will mark the first time that a government-certified hydrogen-powered fuel cell car, the 2003 Honda FCX, will be driven on the streets of New York City. [Read More]
Honda 'Studio E' Concept Vehicle Mixes Urban Beats with Element Platform
 04/16/03 11:59 - RyanDL (3 Responses)
The Honda Studio E concept vehicle, a panel-side version of the all-new Honda Element, transforms the outdoors-minded Element into the ultimate mobile entertainment platform geared for New York City nightlife and urban street performance. [Read More]
2003 New York Auto Show Coverage
 04/16/03 08:08 - JeffX (40 Responses)
Acura's press conference is scheduled for noon today here in New York. Be sure you have an active TOV login for full access to our coverage. [Read More]
New European Honda Accord Advert
 04/15/03 14:27 - lucky1 (4 Responses)
"Many have no doubt seen the Rube Goldberg-like multistep mechanical chain reaction TV advert for the Honda Accord. Many thought this was yet another example of the pervasive use of computer graphics in TV commercials." [Read More]
Another, clearer shot of the '04 TL Concept
 04/12/03 23:30 - JeffX (76 Responses) >5000 Views
This photo was snapped by "justinjsw" over at clubtsx.com. It was e-mailed to me Friday (by another person, who is currently hosting the image on his webserver due to its size), but I was out of reach until tonight. Word has it that the concept spor [Read More]
Accord LX vs. Altima 2.5S vs. Camry L 4cyl comparo
 04/10/03 15:16 - Anonymous (25 Responses) >5000 Views
Honda Motor cancels Acura CL coupe
 04/09/03 18:58 - mayonaise (62 Responses)
'04 TL Concept photos snagged!
 04/09/03 14:54 - JeffX (279 Responses) >10000 Views
Forbes.com article: "Acura: The Honda That Didn't"
 04/07/03 10:33 - Ickes_alternate (157 Responses)
Texas World Speedway Track Event on May 3-4 Needs You!
 04/07/03 02:48 - Tuan (12 Responses)
TSX Photos by Neal McDaniel
 04/06/03 10:52 - JeffX (39 Responses) >5000 Views
Information on the next 3.5 RL
 04/04/03 05:25 - nickel (69 Responses)
New & unprecedented Honda Accord marketing campaign in UK
 04/03/03 17:05 - danielgr (10 Responses) >5000 Views
Acura Announces Pricing For 2004 TSX Sports Sedan
 04/03/03 13:17 - JeffX (17 Responses)
'04 TL Being Shown to Dealers
 04/03/03 07:21 - JeffX (31 Responses)
Total Honda Civic Series Production Reaches 15 Million Units Milestone
 04/03/03 02:48 - Tuan   >5000 Views
Auto Express Article on Accord Tourer Type-S
 04/02/03 21:13 - adamslad  
BMW announces details of new 5-series
 04/02/03 19:25 - JeffX (37 Responses)
New Desktop Calendar for April '03
 04/02/03 13:59 - JeffX (7 Responses) >5000 Views
American Honda Sales Increase 20.7 percent to New March Records
 04/02/03 01:48 - Tuan (3 Responses)
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