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First Serial Production 2017 Acura NSX Rolls off the Line at Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohi
The final stop of the Civic #NextMilestone Tour takes place this weekend in NYC
2017 Honda Ridgeline starts at $29,475
American Honda Sets New April Sales Record: Honda Division Posts Best Ever April Sales
Spring Cleaning: What's in store for model year 2017? Part I - Honda
New Accord Sport SE trim level coming in model year 2017
Civic 5-door to hit showrooms in late summer
All-New Acura CDX Compact SUV makes global debut at the 14th Beijing International Auto Show
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Gen3 Stock JDM Integra Type R Dynos
 May 14, 2002 - WongKN  
Our previous Beyond-Stock Integra article looked at the power of stock "regular" DC2/DB8 Integra SiRs. In this follow-up we will establish one more baseline reference, this time for the icon of Honda's lightweight performance cars, the legendary DC2 Honda Integra Type-R. [Read More]
Gen3 Stock Integra Dynos (B18C)
 May 14, 2002 - WongKN  
In our last few Beyond Stock updates, we have been focussing on the Civic. In particular, we did a special look to establish reference figures for stock Civic SiRs, both automatic and manual. To continue this thread, I decided to look at stock DC Integras, i.e. the 1993-current generation. [Read More]
Project: Gen3 JDM Integra Si-VTEC
 May 14, 2002 - WongKN  
The JDM Honda Integra changed generation in early 1993. The new model, coded DB for 4-door and DC for 3-door received a body revision and quad-projector headlights. The most significant change however was the engine upgrade, from the 1.6l B16A to a longer stroke 1.8l DOHC VTEC B18C with a new intake manifold. [Read More]
Mineral Wells Autocross Pictures
 May 13, 2002 - Tuan  
Having fun with a large patch of concrete. [Read More]
Gendron Anti-sway bar for the S2000
 May 13, 2002 - Tuan  
A stock S2000 has an incredible amount of grip and incredible steering response with the stock Bridgestone S02 tires. From the factory, the car is a very neutral and awesome handling car which can partly be attributed to the excellent OEM S02 tires. We will see why you will want a stiffer front anti-sway bar when you get a 225/245 front/rear Kumho race tire combination. [Read More]
S2000 Trailer Hitch Installation
 May 13, 2002 - Tuan  (1 Comment)
Having a second set of race wheels/tires for the S2000 is a great way to save your street tires and to get further performance from the S2000. However, since the car is a two-seater, it makes transporting this second set of wheels very tough. You can always drive on your race tires, but this will prematurely wear out the tires. One solution is to trailer your tires. [Read More]
2002 Civic Si Photo Report
 May 12, 2002 - Tuan  
Honda gave us a pre-production '02 Civic Si for a week long test drive in southern California. We used this opportunity to put the car through conditions a TOV reader would put their own car through: canyon driving, autocrossing, dyno testing, stop and go traffic, freeway cruising, etc.. [Read More]
Spoon S2000 Endurance Racer
 May 11, 2002 - Tuan  
Zigzag Asia, the exclusive distributor of the famous Best Motoring videos from Japan, invited the TOV to the Long Beach International Auto Salon to see the Spoon S2000 endurance race car they were going to show. We had seen pictures and heard about the car before, but this would be a great opportunity to see it up close. [Read More]
Civic Si Touring Car Pictures
 May 10, 2002 - Tuan  
Here are lots of pictures of the new Civic Si in European Touring Car form. [Read More]
How to Use a Dynojet
 May 02, 2002 - WongKN  
[Read More]
Accuracy of JDM Speedometers
 May 02, 2002 - WongKN  
Cone Cam Review
 April 30, 2002 - Tuan  
SEMA Show Photos
 April 29, 2002 - Tuan  
2002 Civic Si Full Road Test (Preview)
 April 24, 2002 - Shawn Church  (7 Comments)
Field SFC-VTEC Controller Manual Translation
 April 18, 2002 - WongKN  
HKS Super Power Flow Analysis
 April 18, 2002 - WongKN  
HKS Speed Limit Defencer Analysis
 April 18, 2002 - WongKN  
HKS Air Fuel Regulator Analysis
 April 18, 2002 - WongKN  
Inner Workings - S2000 F20C Cylinder Head
 April 11, 2002 - Shawn Church  (1 Comment)
Best Motoring Vol.4 Review
 March 15, 2002 - Tuan  
TOV Road Test: 2002 Honda CR-V
 February 27, 2002 - JeffX  
Autocross Car Setup Concepts
 February 14, 2002 - Various  
Lighting Information
 February 11, 2002 - Various  (1 Comment)
Integra FAQ
 February 08, 2002 - Various  
Integra Problems & Repairs
 February 07, 2002 - Various  
2002 Honda Civic Si First Drive
 January 23, 2002 - JeffX  (1 Comment)
How to Roll Rear Fender Lip for Wheel Clearance
 January 22, 2002 - Tuan  (3 Comments)
Theory of Rotating Mass
 January 18, 2002 - Ryan Leecock  
Benefits of Lightweight Wheels
 January 18, 2002 - Various  
Wheel & Tire Weight Database
 January 18, 2002 - Various  
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